Natrogix Hyaluronic Acid 120mg/ Serving – 120 VCaps with Collagen Type II and Chrondroitin Sulfate – Support Healthy Joints and Youthful Skin ( 60 Days Supply)


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Natrogix Hyaluronic Acid 120mg per serving – 120 VCaps (60 Days Supply) – Healthy Joints & Youthful Skin Support Formula

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan, a very long chain of disaccharides (sugars) present in all connective tissues that is responsible for retaining moisture.

As we age, levels of hyaluronic acid fall—some say by as much as 50 percent. Genetics, smoking, and magnesium and zinc deficiencies appear to accelerate this loss, but it happens to all of us to some degree. The result? Aching joints and sagging skin. Supplementing with HA may be the best option for those who want to support skin health naturally.

Based on various researches on Hyaluronic Acid supplements, Dr. James and Dr. Mayling from our product team put forward this newest Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Formula, opitimizing the concentration ratio between hydrolyzed collagen type II and hyaluronic acid to 5:1, while chrondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid to 5:2, to achieve better result of skin and joints support, which has already been tested and proved among our Product Evaluation Group!



NATROGIX strives to provide our customers with the purest supplements: the professional FDA & GMP certified factory, the special & effective formula, and the green & natural ingredients. In accordance with our principle and initial of the best purchase experience, we stands by our products throughout the transaction.

Instead of barely building a seller-buyer relationship, our aspiration is to convey our concept of the purification within body to whoever purchased from us, help them achieve higher level of lifestyle, and attract more hesitated users to our circle.

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  • ADVANCED HYALURONIC ACID FORMULA in VEGGIE CAPSULE – 120mg HA per serving, complex with chrondroitin sulfate and hydrolyzed COLLAGEN TYPE II (bioavailabel for absorption), to alleviate joint pain and stiffness, and lubricate sagging, wrinkled skin & dry eyes.
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY JOINTS – High concentration of chrondroitin sulfate, which is especially concentrated in the knees, hips, and other moving joints, together with hyaluronic acid (at 5:2) can help to achieve better effect for aching joints.
  • SAVE YOUR SKIN – Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of the skin. Also given its ability to promote collagen production and retain hundreds of times its weight in water, our forluma combines 600 mg hydrolyzed collagen type II with 120 mg hyaluronic acid (at 5:1) for the best absorption within body, to rejuvenate your aging skin.
  • LUBRICATE DRY EYES – Levels of hyaluronic acid have been found to be lower than normal in people suffering from dry eye syndrome and there is justification in the use of this supplement for this concern as well as helping to alleviate vaginal dryness.
  • FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH – as showed in research on “village of long life” in Japan, where most residents looked far younger than their years, were in excellent health, and engaged in farming and other activities well into their 80s, longevity was attributed, at least in part, to their consumption of vegetables rich in hyaluronic acid.

1 review for Natrogix Hyaluronic Acid 120mg/ Serving – 120 VCaps with Collagen Type II and Chrondroitin Sulfate – Support Healthy Joints and Youthful Skin ( 60 Days Supply)

  1. moem

    this is not the first use of this formula by me. I take hyaluronic acid for 2 months. what can I say about my impression- my back pain passed, the skin became smooth and bright, keeps my weight within the norm and most importantly the cholesterol significantly decreased. I bought f hyaluronic acidbrom different manufacturers – there were those who did not cause discontent, but there were those who gave the aftertaste after use . this is a good combination of ingredients because taking this caps can be healthy and young! …

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