In society nowadays, with hectic lifestyles and amassing workloads, it can be difficult to get all your nutrient needs into your diet. But what if there was a simpler way? Well there is – Green Superfood Supplements.

Green superfood dietary supplements are a blend of whole food fruits and vegetables. A mixture of alkalizing greens; which are super rich in antioxidants. Therefore we can assure that our product will fulfil all of your nutrient, vitamin and mineral needs.

You see, you can go on eating your RDA of fruits and vegetables. But is that really enough? We guarantee that you won’t be getting the magic that our Green Superfood powder gives you. Yeah, MAGIC!

In an ideal word you would all eat organically produced foods. But it isn’t always as easy as that. Do your supermarkets and greengrocers always stock the organically produced fruits and vegetables that you require? Is your salary significant enough to enable you to go and buy this organic produce?

Do you all drink purified water, or filter the air that we breathe in? Unfortunately, the answer is no. But now you needn’t worry about facilitating habits as such in your diet/lifestyle. Natrogix Green Superfood Dietary Supplement is your answer.


What Benefits Come With Green Superfood Supplements?

None of us like putting any old thing into our bodies, or at least you shouldn’t. And if you do.. Then.. Well you’re a bit of an idiot basically! Luckily, we’re here to help. Our Green Superfood Powder is a must add to your diet.

Once your start using our supplements your will almost instantaneously enhance your health. Our supplement is bursting with naturally grown, freshly harvested raw foods. Super rich in all your required nutrients, minerals and live enzymes.

You will all be guilty of predominantly eating cooked and over cooked foods that devoid your body from its beneficial needs. By taking Natrogix Green Superfood Powder, you will greatly enhance your intake and dietary requirements that your body craves.

The recommended dosage, along with being taken consistently will give you the gratification your body desires. By this, we mean that if you jump back and forth (taking it once in a while) from our supplement, it won’t provide your body with the optimal health benefits that come hand in hand with Natrogix Green Superfood Powder on a daily basis.


Health Benefits

Our Green Superfood Powder is a probiotic formula, which provides many health benefits. Implementing a wide range of friendly intestinal bacteria which are fundamental in supporting your immune system and digestive health.

Not only does it provide fundamental support for your immune system and digestive health but also ensures the optimal nourishment of your cells. Packed full of health-advantageous antioxidants and phytochemicals that naturally occur in green vegetables. This ensures that the nutrients are far more easily absorbed into your bloodstream.

Here is a list of a few health benefits that come with using our Green Superfood Powder:

  • Strengthening of your immune system
  • Improves mental focus and clarity
  • Assists and improves better digestion
  • Healthier, softer more radiant skin
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels and blood pressure
  • Reduction of and sometimes COMPLETE recovery from food-related and seasonal allergies
  • Detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins which have accumulated over time

So, next time you see a salad on a menu and think that you MUST be good and order it. Don’t worry about it. Next time you walk past a fruit and vegetable shop and feel the guilt pulling you in. Don’t worry about it. Because Natrogix Green Super Food Powder is all you require.