Safe Use of Essential Oils


When you think of using natural oils such as those found in essential oils, it can feel like a safe choice.  Essential oils are plant-based and free from some of the toxins found in synthetic products, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take precautions while using them. Essential oils can be powerful allies [...]

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Essential Oils for School Sports


Many kids spend hours of time before and after school practicing and playing sports for a school team.  Athletes, even young ones, can begin to feel the effects of all of this hard work and essential oils can help support them.   Sore Muscles and Joints One of the first hallmarks of school sports is [...]

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Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes – A Never Ending Problem


The modern world offers an abundance of sweet, unhealthy, affordable snacks and it’s becoming a problem. All adding to the global issue of overweight & Obesity. To safeguard yourself and find an effective solution you must read this. […]

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